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How I Got to Starting this Podcast...

And if there's one thing I know, it's that you deserve to have a boutique business that lights you up.

As a retail professional and Founder of The Fashion Truck boutiques, I've been watching new boutiques go out of business too quickly.

I see it so often... the start up phase is new and fun. The excitement fades around 8 months because in the boutique business there's so much to juggle at once. And of course, you want to keep up with it all. But somewhere between year one and three, the exhaustion sets in and it gets tough. 

With experience under my belt and the latest research at my fingertips, I've developed a fab trifecta of mindset, margins and marketing to help you reach the maximum potential in your business.

I truly believe that you can live your dream of having a successful boutique and a beautiful life all at the same time.

My goal in starting this podcast is to help you feel like you have a best friend in your boutique business to help you boost your day and boost your sales!

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