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007: Dropping the Money Struggle with Liivi Hess

Fear, desperation or struggling with money in your boutique business? This episode is for you! Emily talks to Freedom Lifestyle Coach Liivi Hess about how you can drop the money struggle today. Stop worrying about money all the time with simple, actionable steps you can start doing today.

Liivi gives us 5 steps to stop blocking yourself from income: 1. Flip the money coin and DECIDE not to struggle. 2. Listen to money mindset audios on YouTube and Audiobooks like "The Science of Getting Rich" by Wallace D. Wattles. She listened via iBooks. 3. Use really simple, 4 word mantras during your day. Liivi used "Wealth, Success, Clients, Abundance." By using mantras you can interrupt your negative thought process and raise your vibration. 4. Write scenarios out that you want to happen. When you write them out, you take the power out of them and they become possible for you. 5. Put "fake" things on your calendar to see what you want come to life.

The book series we spoke about is the Law of Attraction series by Esther and Jerry Hicks. Specifically, we spoke about the book "Money and The Law of Attraction."

My favorite quote from Liivi is, "There's not enough action to make up for a misaligned thought."

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