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008: Using Your Intuition in Your Business with Cameo Gore

For 20 years Intuitive Success Coach Cameo Gore worked in the healthcare industry. She started as a Registered Nurse in the Operating Room and worked her way up the ladder to become Director of Surgery at a Nationally ranked Pediatric Hospital.

She had to give herself permission to be a beginner again, shifting into coaching. Starting her business allowed her to see that she was “starting over” being an entrepreneur.

#HeartOverHustle is Cameo’s signature hashtag… how to get over the busy, the struggle and create a gorgeous path to grow your business:

  1. You can create incredible results without being busy!

  2. Ask yourself: What’s the core desired feeling of what you want in your business?

  3. When you’re in the state of spaciousness you have room for money to come in, or anything else you want to come in.

  4. Plan to only work 20 hours a week. How can you leverage a team to be the goddess in your business?

  5. Alignment… don’t do things that feel bad! Alignment is where we feel good about what we’re doing. If you don’t feel good, pivot and see what feels good. It’s ok to change your mind and realize the dreams you wanted aren’t right anymore. When you really connect with what you want you are aligned.

  6. Get past the judgement. Don’t hold yourself back because of the fear of what other people will think.

  7. Your own truth is your intuition. And that’s how you know your steps forward.

  8. Build a support team around you when you are making a big change who understand what your dream is. People with quit if they don’t have that support. Reframe yourself in your business so that you have the image of you being supported. If you believe in the vision, things show up.

  9. When we ask for something, but there is no physical manifestation of it, our subconscious has trouble believing it can happen. Talk as if you are already there to quantum leap into where you want to be.

My favorite quote from this episode is: “Always believe in the vision.”

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