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011: Having More Fun in Your Boutique Business with Greg Buia

Working too hard? Wondering when you're ever going to relax and make the money you want? Stop right there and listen to this episode.

Greg and I get into the concept of wanting, allowing and how to get what you want in life. We also explore the magic value of what you are offering in your boutique.

When he was 21, Gregory C. Buia came to prominence as an underground writer. After stepping away from writing he spent 18 years studying spirituality, religion, and self improvement; practiced meditation for 10 years; and traveled the world and lived at monasteries. Spending his adult life trying many different ways to enjoy life has led him to awareness and kindness as his favorite things to have fun with.

You can find Greg's website at His latest book "Have Fun" is available in Print and Kindle at Amazon here: On Facebook and Instagram search: @GregoryCBuia

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