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010: Creating Authenticity in Your Boutique with Ashley Alderson

Need a boost in social media or sales? Great, Ashley Alderson, Founder of The Boutique Hub is on the podcast today with a mix of mindset and practical tips to get you going!

The Boutique Hub is a place where boutique owners can showcase their products, connect with other owners, bloggers and vendors. It's a membership site that can be found at

Ashley says it's vital for boutiques to create an authentic experience for their customers. People want to do business with people, not with companies. One of the most successful ways she has seen boutiques create this is through video, specifically Facebook Live video.

She also says that business is 100% mental. To get comfortable being authentic, you need to decide to be comfortable in your own skin. Know that good will come out of you showing up as yourself!

As a boutique owner you want to know your WHY! How do you want to make people feel? This is your opportunity to serve a mission.

When it comes to social strategy, you want to have a recipe of content that you share to work the Facebook algorithm. The biggest mistake Ashley sees with boutique owners is sharing too much product and having no call to action.

Ashley and I agree that the fastest way to grow your business, especially when you're feeling stuck is to hire a coach. She talks about the fear that's wrapped up in hiring a coach, but mentions that we're only as good as the information we have. It's not what you know, but who you know that's really going to make a difference. As a boutique owner, you don't have time to go out and search and test information you find- a good coach can look at the wider scope of your business and identify your weaknesses.

The Boutique Summit is Ashley's signature event held in Dallas on June 12-13, 2017 at the Dallas Market Center. She's bringing together the top boutique owners, bloggers, brands and designers under one roof to get inspired, connect and learn from each other.

Notable speakers at the Summit are: - Kelsey Darby of The Lace Cactus - Becka Clark of Kiki La Rue - Laura Benson of Philly Flair - Reza Khadjavi of Shoelace Technologies - Niyc Pidgeon a Positive Psychologist, Hay House Author, and International Success Coach for female entrepreneurs

The Boutique Summit sold out in 9 days, but digital passes are available at and include all speaker videos and downloads, offer codes and bonus items!

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