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016: Smart Social Media Strategies with Deb LaFlamme

Social media is an overwhelming task for a boutique owner- I know. What platform to post on, how often to post… what to post?!

That’s why I’ve invited my friend and social media expert Deb Laflamme onto the Boost Your Boutique Podcast today.

Deb, Owner & Chief Ideaprenuer of For the Love of Your Biz supports a varied list of clients and businesses, from retail to real estate including small local businesses, fitness and health coaches and solopreneurs. Offering you creative ways to tell your brand story, her support and trainings are designed to meet you where you are (in your life and in your biz) to bring you success. Her passion is to help you Market Your Biz Better ®.

In this episode Deb says that you’ve got to stop selling to people all the time, and start building relationships with them. Your business is so much more than the product! The easiest way to do that is to start telling your personal story. Mastering your story is the easiest way to stand out from the crowd. People will always buy from the person they like the most.

She gives us her top 3 tips for social media success: 1. Pick a platform you love and run with it! 2. Don’t worry about the numbers— talk to one person who is your brand advocate. Over time, the amount of advocates with inevitably grow. 3. Get really consistent- with your message, your colors, your story. To do that, you need a plan and Deb has graciously given you access to her content management calendar so you can start to plan out your posts! You can grab that for free here:

She also shared her “SALE” formula: Share, Ask, Listen, Engage. You always want to be doing one of those things on social media!

Nothing makes Deb happier than coaching a business owner, a small staff, or even a large sales group how to creatively market their biz or brand online. She offers one-on-one coaching, intimate group mentorship offerings and large group presentations. Her services (found on her website, ensure you have the time and resources to market your biz better, and ultimately to have more time to love your biz.

Here is all the info for you to join Deb’s circle of social media mavens: Group:…withDebLaflamme/ Website: FB Page: Insta:

And again, the free content calendar download can be sent directly to you by clicking this link:

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