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021: What To Do When No One Supports Your Boutique Dream

We asked in my Facebook Group, The Fashion Truck Tribe, what you wanted to hear about on the podcast, and this topic resonated with many women (and probably some who didn't even speak up!). What to do when no one supports your boutique dreams. This is a big one guys...

And my number one thing is to GET SUPPORT. We're opening the doors to my top rated Six Figure Blueprint course very soon... and if you aren't on the waitlist yet, join here so you get the word first:

But really... it all starts with trusting yourself. If you have this dream, you are meant to do it. Stay inside your entrepreneurial bubble, read books, listen to podcasts and write down your goals everyday. Consistent self determination is where this whole journey has to start.

Next, look for support, whether it's paid or unpaid support groups. Facebook groups, mastermind partners or even paid courses like Six Figure Blueprint are going to help get you closer to your goal.

And let's talk about paying for help. Whether it's a coach, consultant, assistant, group coaching program... at a certain point, it's 100% worth your time and money to invest in help. I've seen too many women self-destruct and go out of business because they spiral off alone... battling mindset issues or marketing roadblocks. We aren't taught to invest in learning... we're taught to invest in houses and cars. But what if you could learn so much that you MAKE money from your investments?!

Here's to making lots of friends and making lots of money!

- Emily Benson

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