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022: Sneaky Ways Your Mindset Is Affecting Your Boutique

Mindset... a topic I keep getting asked to teach more about. So, let's discuss. Because I see it in your FB comments and posts... there are so many ways money mindset is sneaking into your thoughts and ideas. And it's going to start affecting your business. I'm going to show you the ways that mindset is hurting your boutique on this week's episode of the podcast.

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1. You don't charge what your products are worth. You are worried that other people will think your prices are too expensive.

2. You won't pay for help! Bottom line is that there is no way for you to do it all! Get a housekeeper, a nanny, an employee, a packer... get help to grow!

3. You're keeping your customer base limited based on your location.

Here's to making lots of friends and making lots of money!

- Emily Benson

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