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026: The Low Down On Apparel Shows

Apparel shows, markets, showrooms... what?! I've noticed that so many new boutique owners are simply going online and purchasing inventory through aggregate sites like FashionGo and LA Showroom. I'd never say that this is a bad thing, buttttt if you want to run a quality boutique, it's a great investment to go to a Market Center or Fashion Apparel Trade Show each season.


1. Create a plan for the show. Know how much money you can spend each month based on last year's sales. Understand what your assortment needs are!

2. Go slow around the show-- you don't have to be rushing around to get to all of it. Pick the 1 show that is the best fit for you and your brand and use your intuition walking around to stop in the booths that have the best 'feeling' for your shop.

3. How to interact with vendors-- my proven process of walking in a booth and leaving not feeling like you spent a million dollars!!! <<--- this is the MONEY information!

Here's to making lots of friends and making lots of money!

- Emily Benson

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