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027: Why Your Customers Aren't Seeing Your Facebook Posts

It's not Facebook's fault. How about we all stop blaming the 'Facebook algorithm' your Facebook page for not taking off? The issue is that you just aren't using Facebook correctly.

With consistent posting, authentic branding and a dose of what's truly needed to make Facebook work for you, this episode is going to walk you through a plan.

1. Start creating original content. - No sharing from Instagram. - Create engaging posts!

2. Start utilizing Facebook Live. - Video is king, master it to make lots of money. - If you haven't yet, purchase my Facebook Live Like a Pro mini course here:

3. Romance the clothes! - Please try to talk about the clothes as if you love them! - Customers want to be woo'd and then sent to the checkout page, do that!

Here's to making lots of friends and making lots of money!

- Emily Benson

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