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208: Balancing Faith And Family In Your Business With Valerie Langley

I absolutely love this woman! Being someone who doesn’t have kids, I’m ALWAYS in admiration of women who manage to run a business and have a healthy family life. Valerie Langley is that woman.

First off, she’s super calm (at least when I see her!) AND she has 4 kids under 10! I met Valerie at a retreat last year and I’ve seen as a Spiritual Teacher and Coach how wonderfully she combines faith, family and being a mom.

In this episode we talk about balancing it all and Valerie gives you some great tips and resources to help you stay on track. This episode is going to make you FEEL GOOD!!

Here’s the link to Valerie’s website :

Here’s the link to a FREE meditation by Valerie:

Here’s the link to the Jesus cards we spoke about during the episode:

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