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209: Your FAQs About Boutique Operations

April 4, 2018

We see the same questions pop up all the time in The Fashion Truck Tribe. I figured I'd answer them here on the Podcast today! And of course, I do more than just answer the questions... I go deeper into the theory and full explanation with resources you can use as well!


Here's what I covered:
1. How much inventory should I buy when you first start out? Do I need a budget?
2. What’s a realistic sales goal for your first month in business?
3. Do I need a logo?
4. What’s the deal with pre-orders?


Here are the resources I talked about:
The Ultimate Boutique Handbook: amzn.to/2uKdh8v
Shopify 14 day free trial: bit.ly/emilyshopify


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