210: Ending the "QUICK FIX" Syndrome

Do you think there's a quick fix for your boutique business? So many women do!!! In this episode I'm going to explain why thinking there's a quick fix can be a tough pill to swallow and how to have a quantum leap in your mindset around it.

1. Think taking a course, reading a book or even listening to this podcast is enough to change your business? It's not! You have to implement the steps and advice to actually see results. You need to do what's required to grow a sustainable business!

2. Think throwing money at tangible places will help? Nope... Facebook Ads, Inventory... most likely these things also take time and a plan to get a real return on the money you put towards them. I spent thousands in FB Ad testing before I could actually get a return on them!

So how do you fix this mindset issue?

1. Do the mindset work! Find your patterns, change them! Realize you can create your own reality and that avoiding the mindset work only creates a deeper issue.

2. Plan to do the actual work! Make a schedule, set time aside to work on what you have committed to!

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