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321: Do Direct Sales Companies Have a Shelf Life

It was about 3 years ago now that I got ANGRY at Direct Selling companies. I saw that the model was growing, but the training was broken. Retail companies being run by non-retailer CEOs, how would they ever survive? Now I pose the question, is there a shelf life to these companies? Will they disappear in the next 3-5 years?

I’ve loved that they are helping the boutique industry grow, giving people confidence to be an entrepreneur when traditionally they might not want to dive in.

But the problem remains… too much inventory, not enough retail training and women coming to me with what I’ve coined “Direct Sales PTSD”.

In this episode I want to have a candid conversation about what Direct Selling Companies are selling to consultants, why it’s not working and if there is a future for the industry. I’m equally excited and terrified to hit publish on this particular topic, but it’s a long time coming and I would be remiss not to put my opinion and ideas into the mix after the conversations and coaching I’ve done with many DS consultants over the years.

I hope this will help you weigh your options if you are thinking of signing up with a DS company, and give you confidence if you have a thought that you want to leave. If you love your company and plan to stay with it, awesome. As I always say, trust your gut.

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