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324: How to Transition from Behind the Chair to a Boutique Full-Time With Stacey McFarland

After 32 years as a hair stylist, Stacey McFarland was ready to hang up her styling sheers. The job was taking a toll on her and while she knew she was a fantastic hair stylist, she knew that it wasn’t her true passion.

Her boutique started in the lobby of her hair salon with a few accessories and has now expanded to a full boutique! After working with Emily for several years, she has a successful hair salon AND boutique, The Studio, Spa, and Boutique in Martinsburg, West Virginia. She is proof that you don’t have to stay stuck where you are even after three decades in a career.

Join Emily as she has a candid and honest conversation with Stacey about her transition from behind the chair to a boutique CEO!

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