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402: Why Buying From a Community Based Marketplace is Best with Cheryl Lim Tan

On this week’s episode, Emily talks with another industry heavy hitter, Cheryl Lim Tan. Cheryl is the Vice President of Brand for Tundra, a free online marketplace for buyers and wholesalers in the US and Canada. They even ship to buyers worldwide!

Tundra has been building a community based on supporting other small businesses. They have worked to help forge the connection between consumer and creator by supporting those small businesses and showcasing their products. If you are a fan of reviews (and who isn’t?!), Tundra allows buyers to review their orders and also posts pictures of how they style the item in their stores to give inspiration to other buyers.

We love businesses that support other businesses and Tundra is no exception to that! So much so that they have offered Boost Your Boutique listeners a coupon code for $50 off their first order

Use this link to take advantage of their offer:

Magic Mindset VIP Workshop tickets:

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