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411: What it's like to Own a Handmade Gift Store with Andrea Rahal

block On this weeks' episode, Emily interviews one of her Mastermind clients, Andrea Rahal. Andrea's story is both unique and inspiring because, unlike many of Emily's students, she doesn't own a traditional clothing boutique. A graphic designer and photography major, Andrea had always dreamt of building a place to display and sell both her creations and other local artists. Her love for handmade and letterpress products inspired her to open a boutique where beautiful gifts can be displayed and loved by the customers of Inkwell Modern Handmade. Andrea shares some of the mindset and business practices that she continues to implement that have helped her build a successful boutique over the last nine years. Connect with Andrea: Instagram & Facebook: @inkwellboutique & @inkwelloriginal RESOURCES: My FREE Facebook Community: FB Ads in a Weekend: block

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