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603: Encore Episode - 005: Quick Start Guide to Opening a Boutique

We have an Encore Episode all the back from Season 1 of the Boost Your Boutique podcast this week! A Quick Start Guide to Opening a Boutique! For new and seasoned alike, you'll find the best tips and tricks to getting started opening your store that you can't find anywhere else on the web, right here. To get the Ultimate Boutique Bundle which includes 'The Ultimate Boutique Handbook' and 'The Ultimate Boutique Workbook' simple use this link:

On this episode you'll learn: 1) How to set an intention for starting your business, who you desire to serve, and how you'll sell to them 2) THat you need to write a business plan and what needs to be in said business plan, including a target target profile, financials, startup and ongoing costs, a retail pricing structure and mode of selling. 3) How to make your business legal including where to go and what to acquire at the federal, state and local level. Emily is going to tell you exactly where to go and why. Tickets for the 2022 Rich Retailer Retreat are available! Join the free Facebook Group:

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